My name is Max Mykal and i am a web and UI/UX designer with frond end experience. And for last few years I have been working in web: creating website and improving my skills in programming and UI design. I have been creating websites for different industries, e-commerсe website, real estate, and website for Software company. I consider myself as web designer with knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript/jQuery also i familiar with PHP and Ruby frameworks, MVC and responsive design (Bootstrap, Foundation). I have almost 6 years experience in design, namely in:

  • logo and identity design
  • web design and UI design
  • 3D modeling and rendering
  • posters, banners and print design
  • brochures, catalogues and magazines design
  • packaging design

I consider myself as a person who solve client’s problems through designers tools and my knowledge in human behavior and psychology. I clearly understand, different people has different point of view on my design and I respect constructive criticism.

And I am still improving my skills in coding and my knowledge in different programming languages as well as in new software which can help me create even more amazing design. I have ability to think logical and analyze all information through my experience, because my goal is find the best solution for every task i have.

And every day I can see, how many examples of horrible design out there, how much work should be done and how many clients need better solution for their products. So I'm here, ready to change things.

Latest Project

Real estate website template prototype

Website Prototype Capone

Real estate website template prototype

Website Prototype LUX

Real estate website template prototype

Website Prototype Cabin

Real estate website template for Los Angeles area

Realtor Template LA

Website templates design for web platform

Realtor Template Design

Lending page for real estate marketing company

Home Pro Media Lending

Logo for real estate marketing company

Home Pro Media Logo

Lending page for online marketing product

GNM Lending Page

Logo concept for online marketing company (real estate)

Yurz Logo Concept

Mobile website for vinyla records online store

Vinyla Mobile

Mobile website for wedding decor agency

Carousel Family Mobile

Website for wedding decor agency

Carousel Family Website

Web templates for dealership software company

Dealer-Mate Templates

Website for dealership software company

Dealer-Mate Website

Logo for web and graphic design studio

Better Studio Logo

Logo for wedding decor agency

Carousel Family Logo

Logo for Spanish Language School

La Casita Logo

Logo for printing place

Printing Bureau Logo

Visualization and stand 3D model of termocup

Nescafe Milano Stand

Stand and restaurant branding elements visuals

Bushmills Stand

Stand visualization for new yogurt line

Premialle Stand

Stand vizualization for international exhibition

Hewlett-Packard Stand

Website for vinyl records online store

Vinyla Website

Packaging for vinyl records online store

Vinyla Box

Logo for vinyl records store

Vinyla Logo

Visualization of packaging concept

Loreal Brainstorm 2013

Packaging and 3D visualization for chocolate cranberry candies

Chocolate Cranberry Package

Logo for chocolate cranberry candies brand

Chocolate Cranberry Logo

Visualization of packaging concept

Loreal Brainstorm 2012

Logo and identity for shopping mall

Artmall Logo And Identity

Booklet for international exhibition

Imperovo Foods Booklet

Booklet for international exhibition

Avangard Booklet

Self identity and 3d visuals

Max Mykal Logo And Identity

Guideline for consulting company

Capital Consulting Guidline

Ed Hardy Watches Linesheet

Ed Hardy Watches Linesheet

Tapout Watches Linesheet

Tapout Watches Linesheet